Shelter for those fleeing war: how a center for temporary accommodation of evacuated people with disabilities functions in Dnipro


Press release


In September 2022, CF “East SOS” helped to arrange rooms for lonely evacuees of older age at the Center for Social Adaptation of People with Disabilities “Ocean Dobra” in the city of Dnipro on Shcherbanya Street. This place became a real shelter for the temporary stay of those fleeing the war. The Dnipro City Executive Committee allocated the premises, and the “East SOS” fund, with the support of Bunge, the manufacturer of “Oleina” in Ukraine, helped with the purchase of multifunctional beds, things needed for everyday living, household appliances, etc.

The shelter accepts for a certain period people who are evacuated from the frontline territories by the team of the East SOS Foundation. These are Kherson, Kramatorsk, Bakhmut, Kostyantynivka, Izyum, Avdiyivka, Severodonetsk, Slovyansk and other settlements of Ukraine. Since its existence, the shelter has sheltered 2,500 displaced persons.

The so-called transit shelters are home to representatives of less mobile population groups, elderly people and people with disabilities, who were rescued by the East SOS evacuation teams from front-line settlements. They stay here while the resettlement team looks for places to live permanently and, if necessary, renews documents and issues social benefits.

As of the end of November 2023, 26 people live in the shelter. 14 of them are men and 11 are women. The average age of the resident is 50 years, the oldest is 95, and the youngest is 12 years old. Among the residents there are 8 people with limited mobility, including two bedridden people. To date, 6 families have found shelter in this place.

During the last six months, the evacuees have been staying in the shelter for a long time. Among the reasons are the complete or partial lack of documents, long-term treatment that can be provided and monitored in Dnipro, including surgeries and disability. The workers and residents of the shelter are not sure that it is possible to implement it in other places of resettlement of people. In addition, in Dnipro there is a lack of places with care for the bedridden and those with limited mobility.

“The most pleasant thing in your work is when you manage to help people in trouble, and they recover, stand on their feet and start moving, developing, finding a job or going to study.”, Shelter administrator Olga Prasil-Kovalyova.

In 2023, the psychologists, social workers and lawyers joined the foundation’s mobile team. This is a very important help and relief for the evacuation team – previously, in addition to helping with the evacuation, they also performed some specific functions. Thanks to the shelter and its services, evacuation has become a “full cycle” of assistance to evacuees who do not need to stay in a specialized center for people with limited mobility or in a hospital, need to spend the night before being sent to other cities, stay for several days or weeks before resettlement.

For the residents of the shelter, this place has become a second home, where they feel like one big family and where they are treated with warmth and care.

Since February 24, 2022, foundation has evacuated more than 80,000 people from the front-line and de-occupied territories, including more than 10,000 people with disabilities and representatives of low-mobility population groups, whom the team accompanies in the search for housing, helps restore documents, and obtain medical assistance if necessary.

You can make an appointment for evacuation by calling the hotline number, which is open from Monday to Saturday (8:00-18:00): 0800 332 614.

You can also get advice in messengers:

  • +38 099 710 48 72 (viber);
  • +38 096 108 60 48 (telegram).