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Delicious Pascha, a cozy family atmosphere and an Easter table are important attributes of the Holiday. In Ukraine, since ancient times, preparation for Easter was considered a sacrament, and the process was approached with great trepidation. We have prepared for you a collection of modern, traditional, and even European recipes for pasta and sauces for the Easter table, so that you can surprise and delight your loved ones. Read the article

1. We have collected for you a collection of modern and traditional paska recipes. Read the article

2. The famous Ukrainian blogger, confectioner and Master Chef finalist Liza Glinska shared 8 life hacks for baking paska and a recipe for an incredibly delicious panettone (similar to our paska in the Italian manner). Read the article

3. A selection of recipes for 6 sauces that will turn your dishes into culinary masterpieces, will be useful for any table. Read the article

4. A rational attitude towards leftover food is currently a trend not only in Ukraine, but also in the world. In this material, you will find 5 original and tasty recipes for cooking dishes from stale pasta. Read the article

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